2022 Report: The Future of ASC 842 Is AI-Powered

lease accounting software 2022

It’s here. From next year, private companies are going to have to implement ASC 842, the latest lease accounting standard. For many, there are mixed emotions: uncertainty about the future, relief that after so many delays there is now clarity, and even – dare we say – a certain excitement that accountants, CFOs, and controllers can now confidently move forward, and use this new standard to kickstart improvements they’ve been wanting to make for a while.

For others, this news may inspire a sense of dread. A feeling of being unprepared, uninformed, and unsure of what to do next. To those of you, we say: not to worry. As experts in ASC 842 implementation, and being at the cutting edge of technological innovation, we’ve seen how quickly organizations can get ASC 842 compliant, and you still have time (although not too much!).

In this report, we’ll explore together some of the challenges faced by those similar to you across industries, and what leaders in the field are doing to address these challenges – and come out stronger and better prepared for the future. 

We’ll discover interesting facts, learn about AI-powered accounting, see how automation can make our lives so much easier, and a whole lot more.