Spring has sprung and we are feeling its effects; with the new season comes a host of new features, product updates, and exciting platform capabilities that will enhance your lease accounting experience.

IT/SaaS Agreement Automation

Customers can now upload Expense Agreements, such as IT or Software Licenses, and leverage the AI-powered contract reader to extract dates, expenses, and key terms; Under GASB 96, customers can generate ROU Asset and Liability calculations.

Chart of Accounts – Bulk Update Automation

Ability to upload and update mapping codes across a business to ensure data integrity and streamline accounting during new events (Ex. M&A, New Systems).

IBR Sensitivity Analysis Report

Ability to simulate different IBR % to confidently determine best IBR to use for GAAP & IFRS lease compliance; Ability to work with audit & consulting partners for strategic analysis.

Bulk Lease Payment Automation (1,000+ Payments)

Ability to upload large number of payments via Excel to streamline both initial and ongoing integrity of lease payments. Can include complex payment schedules, variable terms and non-standard payment scenarios. Also enables ability to switch or integrate legacy accounting systems rapidly.

IBR & Interest Rate Rules & Schemes

Ability to input complex, rule-based or scheme-based interest rates to increase accuracy of GAAP & IFRS compliance.

Enhancements for Multi-Client Manager

Consulting and Audit firms now have new capabilities to manage up to 500 clients at once, easily adding and removing new clients, and benefiting from meta reporting.

M&A and Subsidiary Management Widget

Companies with multiple entities and M&A activities can now connect and disconnect all of their entity databases for smoother management and reporting, while maintaining internal control standards.

For more information on our offerings and to see the new features in action, book a demo with the team today.