The Everything is Better Platform.

Trullion is an accounting oversight platform that uses AI to simplify revenue recognition, lease accounting, and audit workflows. It’s loved by accounting teams and auditors for lowering risk, making work easier, and getting the numbers right every time.

The Trullion Platform

Built for Maximum Impact and Minimal Risk

We leverage today’s best data infrastructure and AI technology to improve key accounting functions, automating and error-proofing everything from managing financial data to reporting to stakeholders.

Revenue Recognition

Report revenue accurately, set custom rules for your business, and stay in compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15.


Perform audits faster without errors using Trullion’s multi-client AI toolset built for audit and advisory firms.

Lease Accounting

Extract lease contracts leveraging AI, automate lease accounting workflows, and changes automatically.

Find more hours in the day.

Automate complex manual workflows, operate far more efficiently, and get to audit faster. The result? Spend more of your time on strategic work and take the business forward.

Trust the numbers.

Reduce errors, be far more accurate, and create real-time visibility of your source data. Let Trullion’s AI-powered software take care of the numbers, so you can go to audit with confidence.

What people are saying.

We chose to migrate from our previous software to Trullion in order to improve efficiency. With Trullion, we’ve reduced our time spent on reporting by over 25% and saved over 30% on costs between the two softwares.
Morgan Hoffmann
Group Financial Accountant
When demoing Trullion, we were immediately taken by the AI capabilities and the look and feel of the platform. After implementation, we understood that without Trullion, we would have spent twice as much time on manual calculations and reporting in Excel.
Ville Räsänen
Senior Finance Manager
I just know that I have a system that I can trust. The biggest benefit of Trullion is that peace of mind, knowing that we have a solution to deploy when we have a new lease, a tried and true way of accounting for it safely and making sure there are no mistakes.
Vincent Shurr
Global Director of Corporate Accounting and Consolidations
With Trullion, your auditors are relaxed. I’m relaxed. Everyone is relaxed. The risk is low. The analyzing process is very smooth and easy without deficiency.
Yaron Kaneti
VP Finance
Peace of mind like never before.

Ensure ongoing compliance with the latest accounting standards and minimize cost inefficiencies across your business.

One workspace (for everyone)

Create a 360° view of your data. Empower CFOs, controllers, and auditors to collaborate in one platform, increase visibility, and build transparency across your accounting work.


Yes, Trullion works with that too.

Connect with CRM, billing, and ERP data sources, and sync unstructured data including spreadsheets and PDF contracts—all in one platform.