Join Trullion CEO Isaac Heller and Botkeeper VP Strategy Jody Padar on Friday, May 21 at the Manufacturing Track of the Rainmaker Virtual SuperConference.

In this session, Isaac and Jody will discuss new technologies that are disrupting the accounting industry.

The pace or information sharing today is staggering. Accountants have to work at an accelerated pace to deliver on client demands — demands that are less compliance based and more advisory in nature. That’s why firms are turning to technology to help with the nitty-gritty, so they have time to analyze financials and advise on a company’s KPIs. It’s the efficiency gained through automatable technology that is allowing firms to improve staffing, be better advisors and scale the business.  Come learn about two very different applications of AI that will evolve your firm.

Manufacturing as a niche is ripe for disruption as it is paper heavy and has many assets. Is artificial intelligent in contracts and financial statements futuristic or is it a reality today? Learn from an AI technologist who is currently using next generation products to innovate and create a single source of truth between the business owner and the auditor.

Bots are the heavy lifters; the workhorses that allow you automate much of the accounting you do for your clients. When coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), bots get smarter. Even better — you can train a bot for every client and truly scale your firm with bot-assisted bookkeeping.  A properly trained bot then allows you to scale by learning the uniqueness of each and every client.

Be ready to become early adopters and evangelists to redefine our craft and get excited about the future.

Be prepared to leave this session with brand new ideas and practical applications of ML and AI for your assurance and accounting practice in exciting ways.