Checklist for ASC 842 Compliance

Getting Started

  • Assemble strategic team to set out requirements, goals, and timelines
  • Establish contact with other executives who might be relevant to the transition process
  • Share the likely impact of the implementation of ASC 842 with relevant stakeholders
  • Engage with auditors as early as possible

Evaluate solutions

  • Evaluate solutions
    • Ensure chosen solution contains latest available features such as OCR (optical character recognition) and AI-enhanced automation capabilities
    • Ensure solution chosen is automatically updated with ongoing changes to ASC 842
    • Confirm that technology solution chosen will save your team time and effort, and not cost additional time and effort
  • Establish timeline for training on new accounting software

Final Steps

  • Finalize the company’s relevant accounting policies
  • Establish the necessary internal controls – such as approval for new leases, and internal communication regarding possible lease modification
  • Perform the primary technical accounting analysis, including calculating and documenting the Incremental Borrowing Rate (IBR)
  • Create new ledger accounts
  • Gather all lease contracts and contracts that may contain leases, per the standard’s definition
  • Re-engage with relevant executives and departments heads regarding the potential for leases that may have been missed, such as embedded leases
  • Go over ledger accounts for evidence of any leases that may have been missed (such as regular expense payments)
  • Upload leases into relevant lease accounting platform
  • Double-check all journal entries
  • Ensure satisfaction with disclosure (both qualitative and quantitative)
  • Schedule time for post-implementation review to ensure ongoing compliance
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