Lease accounting, powered by AI.

Automate the things that slow you down, improve accuracy, and meet compliance standards. It’s a win-win-win.

The Workflow

Next-level lease accounting.

Contract Upload

Upload any file.
Add any number of PDF or Excel lease contracts with one click. Let Trullion take care of the rest.

Data Extraction

Extract and tag relevant info.
Leverage AI to extract key data from source documents—names, dates, payments, and more.

Audit Trail

Trace each step.
Verify and track changes for internal and external stakeholders.

Modification Detection

Account for changes in real-time.
Modify lease data at scale without any added work for your team. Keep up with the pace of changing payments, contract terms, and more.

Audit-Ready Outputs

Produce accurate lease reports.
Generate 100% auditable journal entries and disclosure reports. Your source data will always be just a click away.
“Trullion is very quick, very intuitive, and it just makes sense. The calculation schedules are very clear to understand and the configuration to set it up wasn’t complicated.”
Vincent Shurr
Global Director of Corporate Accounting and Consolidations

Peace of mind (at all times)

Confidence is paramount when it comes to choosing software for lease accounting. Stay two steps ahead of an ever-changing landscape and meet every challenge head-on. Get set up in 30 days or less and ensure ongoing compliance with the latest accounting standards.

ASC 842
Worry less, accomplish more.

Finance and accounting teams work more efficiently by automating everyday tasks. Use Trullion to free up precious time for you and your people, and streamline operations.

Work together to achieve anything you want.

Nothing great is done alone. Bring your accounting teams and auditors together in one platform—or anyone from across the business—to build transparency and enhance your lease accounting software workflow.

Ville Räsänen
Senior Finance Manager
When demoing Trullion, we were immediately taken by the AI capabilities and the look and feel of the platform. After implementation, we understood that without Trullion, we would have spent twice as much time on manual calculations and reporting in Excel.
Lease accounting (done right)
Deploy an intuitive, user-friendly platform at light-speed.
Get support from a team of CPA experts and Big Four veterans. We’re here to help.
Trust the numbers with Trullion’s industry-leading AI that’s so good it feels like magic.