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Harness Trullion’s AI-powered automation to drive efficiency and enhance the quality of your clients’ audits. Reimagine how you work and deepen your clients’ trust.
Why Trullion

Set a new standard in audit efficiency.

Make your life easier.
Perform audits in less time. Ensure the quality and accuracy of your reviews and substantive testing with AI-powered automation.
Stay ahead of the game.
Drop the busywork and empower your employees to focus on more strategic work. The upshot? Greater employee satisfaction and higher retention.
See the big picture (and the finer details)
Move on from endless communication threads and access data at its source, in real-time.

Hear from a fellow


Paul Wolff
Emerging Technologies Specialist
Trullion has proved to be a very useful and time saving tool for MHM in evaluating and testing our client’s adoption of ASC 842. The OCR and machine learning capabilities provide efficiencies for the audit teams, and we have found the lease modification features particularly helpful.
Forget trade-offs. Think forward.

As compliance standards evolve, so does your work. Trullion helps you stay two steps ahead, ensuring efficiency, as well as quality, across your audit process.