While software and advisory services go hand-in-hand, often the implementation requires manual data collection, extraction, and one-time processes. This created opportunities for AI and NLP to help automate these processes. However, the data collected would still need to be transferred to Excel or a software tool for automated reporting.

Recent advances in cloud technology have enabled the ability to perform AI and automated reporting in 1-single tool, connecting the dots for accounting advisory firms and their clients.

In this webinar we explore the future of work and client and accounting advisory relationships. We discuss ways to automate challenging and redundant tasks in order to allocate resources to more strategic and qualitative projects.

In this webinar we discuss the following:

  • AI, automation, and the future of collaboration
  • Leveraging software to create added value for clients and firm talent retention
  • Creating recurring client and accounting advisory relationships
  • Automating compliance with practical examples from ASC 842 (leases) and ASC 606 (revenue)