We’re halfway through 2022 and after being deferred twice, time is running out to reflect the changes of ASC 842 in PE-backed companies’ 2022 financial statements. 

The impact of ASC 842 can be more significant than originally anticipated, and smooth adoption should be a top priority at this stage. PE firms and their portfolio companies may face unique challenges, particularly in the current market environment with adjusting business models and processes, shifting priorities, and in-house resource constraints.  

With this in mind, how can PE firms and their portcos accelerate ASC 842 adoption over the next 6 months? In this webinar we discussed the unique challenges facing PE firms and PE-owned companies and how to leverage AI-powered software, paired with external consultation, in order to ensure a smooth transition.

In this session you will learn about: 

  • ASC 842 Impact on PE-owned companies
  • Adoption challenges unique to PE-backed companies
  • AI-Powered IBR Calculator for ASC 842
  • Practical ways to leverage AI and advisory services to accelerate adoption and scale 
  • Day 2 – post-implementation/operational strategy