Why Trullion?

There’s nothing like beating deadlines

No one wants to stay late reviewing Excel sheets, putting out fires, or building reports for tomorrow’s board meeting. Trullion helps accountants get their work done faster and controllers head home each day knowing everything is in order.


Total visibility & confidence

Finance leaders rely on Trullion to protect the company against risk and human error.
The platform consolidates data from systems and documents, checks it against business rules, and ensures accurate reporting to stakeholders.

See high-level accounting and compliance workflows.
See your team collaborating and track progress.
Get reports and notifications that matter to you.
Colleague working on computer with a preview of a spreadsheet
Always up-to-date data

Trullion’s AI-powered rules engine uses proprietary financial models, connects to [hundreds] of third-party data sources, and stays up-to-date with compliance requirements across the globe. We triple-check the numbers so you don’t have to.

Illustration of the Leases UI within the dashboard
Smart, configurable reporting

Share updates with stakeholders, get audit-ready outputs, and quickly produce reports for investors and advisory firms.

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Productive, happy teams

Trullion’s automation and AI frees accounting teams from their most tedious tasks. Spend more time on strategic projects, reduce time-to-close, and retain the best talent with a platform that’s easy to love.

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Are you an auditor?

Learn how Trullion helps you streamline and accelerate your audits, manage multiple clients, and lower risk across your firm.

Yaron Kaneti
VP Finance
Since implementing Trullion, the Taboola team has seen a significant improvement in efficiency. Automating accounting workflows with Trullion has saved us at least three full working days per person per quarter.