In the fast-paced world of finance and accounting, companies and firms are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to streamline their processes and keep up with the ever-evolving industry standards. At Trullion, we understand that the accounting world has incredible opportunities for innovation, and the current trends in AI and automation are making it increasingly accessible in 2023. 

We are proud to announce the availability of two new modules: Revenue by Trullion and Audit by Trullion. These new modules are designed to revolutionize how companies approach revenue recognition and auditing and are poised to bring the finance and accounting industry into the future.

Revenue Recognition Made Easy with Revenue by Trullion

Revenue by Trullion is designed to simplify the challenging process of adopting ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards by synchronizing crucial data from various sources, including CRM, billing, and contract data. With the power of AI, the workflow generates ERP entries, Disclosure Reports, and advanced reporting. This new module is currently accessible for companies using Salesforce CRM and Netsuite ERP and is available in select verticals, such as software.

Streamlining Audit Process with Audit by Trullion

Audit by Trullion allows audit teams to spend less time gathering evidence by centrally managing your clients’ financial information and syncing data from Excel files, PDF contracts, and other source materials. The module introduces a new workflow to accelerate the Test of Details, making it one of the most comprehensive audit automation solutions currently available. Utilizing AI, the Test of Details functionality allows auditors to extract ERP/General Ledger (GL) files and instantly validate them against their source data, such as invoices, PDFs, and other client sources.

Leading the Charge in Accounting Automation

We have already seen rapid customer adoption and a successful financing round led by Aleph & Third Point, and are poised for even more growth in the coming year. Currently serving customers across five continents and supporting both U.S. GAAP and IFRS standards, Trullion is a trusted partner to major Big Four and regional accounting firms, pre-IPO tech companies, and multinational Fortune 500s.

Revenue by Trullion is available to existing customers and to other companies via our partner network of over 100 audit & advisory firms. The Audit Test of Details workflow is now available to firms currently leveraging Audit by Trullion. With these new modules, Trullion is leading the charge in revolutionizing the finance and accounting industry and making it easier for companies and firms to stay ahead of the curve.