For Accounting Teams

Elevate your accounting team.

Reimagine your workflows with AI-powered accounting automation. Trust that the numbers add up, minimize compliance risk, and turn your team into an accounting powerhouse.
Why Trullion

See the bigger picture (and the numbers behind it)

Drive business performance.
Reduce operational overhead, boost productivity, and work more cost-effectively. Leverage Trullion’s AI to free up your team, work more strategically, and add greater business value.
Modernize your finance toolkit.
Go from manual to automatic and take your tech stack to the next level with innovative accounting workflows including leases and revenue recognition. Equip your best people with the best tools to help them scale their work.
Close the risk gap.
As the complexities of accounting standards grow, so does the pressure to keep up. Trullion keeps you in step with the latest regulatory updates so that you can go to audit with clarity and confidence.
Level up reporting.
The dots don’t connect themselves. Use Trullion to generate crystal clear, audit-ready reports —right at your fingertips.

Take it on trust

from others, not us.

Since implementing Trullion, the Taboola team has seen a significant improvement in efficiency. Automating accounting workflows with Trullion has saved us at least three full working days per person per quarter.
Yaron Kaneti
VP Finance