Welcome to our product video showcasing Trullion’s revolutionary AI-powered solution for lease abstraction. In this video, we will explore how Trullion’s advanced technology simplifies and streamlines the lease abstraction process, saving you time and resources.

Gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of pages of lease documents. Trullion’s AI-powered solution uses OCR and machine learning algorithms to automatically extract key data points from your leases. Identify key dates, square footage, CAM charges, and other information with unparalleled accuracy. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to abstract leases quickly, accurately, and effortlessly.

Not only does Trullion save you significant time in the abstraction process, but it also reduces the risk of human error. With our solution, you can trust that your lease abstractions are consistent and reliable every time.

Join the growing number of companies that have already embraced Trullion’s AI-powered solution for lease abstraction. Experience the ease and efficiency of automated lease abstraction today. Watch this video to learn more about how Trullion’s lease abstraction process works, built-in features, custom options and more.