Data validation

Automatic data validation to make sure everything adds up

Accurately check computations, ensure consistency across documents, and highlight discrepancies with Trullion’s intelligent data validation capability.

How it works

Perform calculations instantly, spot discrepancies, and boost reporting accuracy at scale

Automated computations
Trullion expertly handles footing and crossfooting, to ensure all calculations in your financial statements are accurate.
Documentation support
Trullion’s AI streamlines financial close checklists and supporting documentations for regulatory filings like 10Ks.
Sample use case

Financial statement preparation, review, and issuance

Financial statements accuracy
Ensure accuracy of computational calculations throughout financial statements.
Inner consistency
Verify inner consistency between executive summary tables and corresponding footnotes.
Version comparison
Compare and analyze different iterations of the same financial statements.
Year-over-year comparison
Analyze financial statements from consecutive periods to track annual changes.

What people are saying.

Trullion has saved us time and actually - but just as important - the numbers are accurate.
Vincent Shurr
Global Director of Corporate Accounting and Consolidations
When demoing Trullion, we were immediately taken by the AI capabilities and the look and feel of the platform. After implementation, we understood that without Trullion, we would have spent twice as much time on manual calculations and reporting in Excel.
Ville Räsänen
Senior Finance Manager