Data extraction

AI-powered data extraction that saves you valuable time

Our advanced technology extracts text, tables, and pivotal data from PDFs and other data sources, taking your business into a new era of operational excellence.

How it works

Simplify document workflows and focus on what matters.

Search text
Utilize advanced optical character recognition (OCR), computer vision (CV) and Guidepoint technology to make documents instantly searchable.
Pull embedded tables
Identify and extract tables from structured and unstructured source data, even those that are complex or messy.
Extract bespoke fields
Retrieve less common or custom fields, like purchase order numbers, from hundreds of documents in seconds.
Summarize and translate
Generate summaries and translate documents in multiple languages including Spanish, French, German, English and more.
Sample use case

Experience data extraction at work

Lease data extraction

Extract key details from leases - such as names, dates, payments, and more - for efficient lease management and accounting.

Audit workflows

Pull data from invoices into a usable format to support reconciliation, compliance checks, reporting, and financial analyses.

Revenue recognition

Retrieve essential information from customer contracts relevant to your performance obligations - such as dates, billing cycles, prices, supply terms, and more.

Hear what our customers have to say

The whole experience from the paperwork that is scanned to the end output, it's a great experience. It saves a lot of time... It’s efficient as well.
Yaron Kaneti
VP Finance
Technologies like the one I am working with at Trullion will help with efficiencies in our practices, as well as make things more exciting for our associates.
Tricia Katebini, CPA
The biggest benefit of Trullion is that it gives us peace of mind. We know we have a system that we can trust, a solution that we can rely on.
Vincent Shurr
Global Director of Corporate Accounting & Consolidations
The AI function saves so much time when you're going through a 70 or 80-page property lease contract.
Morgan Hoffmann
Group Financial Accountant