Innovating the future with GenAI

Trullion is changing how accounting is done with cutting-edge GenAI. Upload documents, ask specific questions, and get precise answers from trusted sources of truth like FASB and AICPA.

How it works

Get instant, accurate answers to complicated questions

  • Research: Upload accounting standards and guidance to Trullion for quick technical answers.
  • Summarize: Extract key information from large texts by querying your documents.
  • Analyze: Effortlessly interpret complex financial documents for clear insights and actionable information.
Sample use cases

Explore the many ways our GenAI can assist you

Interpret accounting standards fast

Let our AI condense complex regulatory documentation, such as FASB documentation, ASUs, and other codifications, so you can determine which standards apply to your specific needs.

Uncover hidden accounting implications

Utilize our AI to identify accounting financial impacts in contracts, including embedded leases, early termination clauses, and maintenance obligations.

Accurately assess financial risks

Determine period-over-period trends and changes in financial line items to ensure compliance for more accurate reports and better audit quality.

Amir Boldo
Co-Founder and CTO of Trullion
With fewer CPAs and increasing demand for speed and efficiency, it’s crucial for CFOs and finance leaders to adopt AI to achieve better outcomes with fewer resources.

What people are saying.

Technologies like the one I am working with at Trullion will help with efficiencies in our practices, as well as make things more exciting for our associates.
Tricia Katebini, CPA
The AI function saves so much time when you're going through a 70 or 80-page property lease contract.
Morgan Hoffmann
Group Financial Accountant
When demoing Trullion, we were immediately taken by the AI capabilities and the look and feel of the platform. After implementation, we understood that without Trullion, we would have spent twice as much time on manual calculations and reporting in Excel.
Ville Räsänen
Senior Finance Manager