Striving to be a tech-forward audit leader? If your client experience is driven by endless e-email requests, PDFs, and checklists, this can be quite the challenge.

Learn why auditors and accountants use Trullion’s AI-powered platform to streamline their workflows by attending our LIVE product tour- where we’ll show you how the Trullion platform works and answer any & all questions you may have.

The live product demo will include how to:
  • Accelerate your Test of Details process
  • Automate Financial Statement Reviews
  • Utilize Trullion's AI-Powered Data Extraction Tool
  • Leverage AI within the audit workflow (including asking Trullion's AskAI for targeted research questions)
  • Launch automated reperformance modules for Revenue, Leases and GL Testing
Key Speaker
Jordan Sklar
Trullion • Solutions Consultant