While the accounting industry has long been considered slow to adapt to modern technology, recent market trends are accelerating cloud adoption, automation, and accounting innovation. Changing regulations, cloud migration, remote work, and the Great Resignation have empowered accounting teams to embrace emerging technologies. Automated tools and AI-powered software are releasing the tediousness and risk of manual work and freeing up accounting professionals to think more strategically and perform tasks that require more critical thinking and less number crunching.

In this webinar we explore some of the challenges teams face when accounting for complex transactions such as leases and revenue contracts. We will illustrate ways to lower risk, accelerate compliance, and helps teams increase efficiency by leveraging automated software combined with accounting advisory services.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The challenges and complexities of accounting for lease and revenue contracts
  • The benefits of automation and accounting advisory services for new standard adoption and ongoing accounting requirements
  • How technology and more advanced planning can impact your entire organization